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Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

First the bad news...

In today’s highly media-conscious world, there is an ever-increasing pressure on women to conform to an unrelenting (and often unrealistic) ideal. Modern pop culture is driven by fashion forcing women to aspire to be the next ‘Angelina’, ‘Beyoncé’ or ‘Cheryl’.

The reality is that failure to achieve this aspiration can often lead to low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy and even despair. Nobody wants to feel disappointed getting ready for a night out when they realize they can’t get into anything. Or even buy clothes to hide their shape and have totally given up on ever fitting into their ‘thin’ clothes again. This is where weight-loss groups, crazy exercise regimes and fad diets cash in; capitalising on ‘quick-fix solutions’ desperately sought after by women who are now in an easily manipulated state. The results achieved through these ‘solutions’ will not last and often cause rebound weight-gain, resulting in a vicious cycle which is deliberately difficult to break.

So what’s the solution?...

It may sound overly simple but achieving a balanced lifestyle of good food, regular exercise, sufficient rest and relaxation will deliver the best sustainable results. The difficulty for most women however, is that they don’t know how to achieve balance that is specific to them. This is where the enlistment of a personal trainer for women comes in, and what should be devised is a unique women’s personal training programme that is tailored to individual goals so that success can be achieved and balance be restored. Unfortunately the emphasis on conventional personal training for women is to put you through a series of generic workouts, without considering your goals, which need to be as individual as you are.

Now for the good news...

Shapeshifters Studio believes that all women should embrace their uniquely feminine shape and focus on being the best that they can be. With this in mind, we guide our female members through a program specifically tailored to their shape, ability and lifestyle. So if you’re a pear, an apple, straight up-and-down or hourglass in figure; our female personal trainer Birmingham has the personal training for women programmes with all the solutions to your physical wish list.

On top of that… We know that training environment is even more important to our female members, it’s not just about facilities & equipment – it’s about feeling comfortable enough to express yourself in an environment that only wants you to succeed. Our studio atmosphere is magnified by our fantastic members who support and encourage each other every step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call!