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Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

meet adele davies

Hi I'm Adele and I've helped hundreds of women eliminate feelings of frustration, overwhelm and being 'stuck' so they can get back to feeling sexy and confident in their best body.

And I do this by helping them identify the areas of their lifestyle that are stopping them from achieving their goals and then provide practical solutions that make their goals a formality.

But unlike other female Personal Trainers in Birmingham that inundate your social media feeds; I don't work with anybody and everybody...

I work exclusively with highly driven women that appreciate the value of smart as well as hard work (and the amazing results that come with it!)

So if you're fed up of putting time, effort and energy in at the gym and not seeing any REAL results then as long as you're willing to do the work, I'm confident I can help.

Adele Davies

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Don't Worry i Get It...

Juggling the demands of a busy schedule has taken it's toll on your physical and emotional health to such an extent, that you don't even recognise what you see it the mirror anymore.

you've probably tried to ignore it...

but deep down you know that 'strategic clothing' can only hide so much and you really should do something about it, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation, even though it’s making you miserable. However; the fact that you've made it here is a sign that you're looking for a solution to your problem.

but; what is your problem?


Is it the feeling of dread when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror?


Is it the spare tyre around your waist and your general lack of muscle tone?


Is it your use of food and drink as self-medication due to the demands of daily life?

to be desired

Or is it your need to feel desired again by your current partner? Or maybe a new one?

Whichever problem/s you can relate to, they all have one thing in common; they're making you unhappy. And you know what?! It’s OK to admit that.

It’s OK to admit that you don’t like the way you look and feel, it’s not weakness or vanity, its honesty.

How does carrying that feeling around with you all the time affect those close to you? Not great right?!

maybe it's time to make a change and take control!

Maybe you need to say to yourself 'I will not accept this for a minute longer, life is short and every minute I spend unhappy is a minute that I'll never get back'.

Now if that isn’t enough to get your blood pumping I don’t think anything will!

But hold on...haven’t you been here before?!

Ready to take action and do whatever it takes to get your life back on track. Yeah, you probably do, and you know what? That’s probably adding to your unhappiness as well, as your perceived solution to the problem IS the problem.

look; you know the drill by now...

endless cardio

Hours of mind numbing cardio fuelled by last nights take-out and guilt.

gym fear

Walking tentatively around the weights area in the gym, not knowing where to start.

hot yoga

Signing up for a Hot Yoga course with a friend, who quits after the first session.

juice 'cleanse'

A celebrity endorsed Juice Cleanse which doesn't end well for you, or your toilet.

constant hunger

A soul destroying, low calorie diet that doesn't help cravings or your relationship with food.

social isolation

Avoiding all social engagements due to fear of 'falling off the wagon'.

knee pain

A pair of nearly new running shoes and a failed half marathon attempt.


Being verbally abused in a cold, muddy field by a wannabe Boot Camp Sergeant Major.

And after all of that; REBOUND! Straight back to square one, with a few extra pounds of fat (in all the wrong places) as a thank you from your newly damaged metabolism, brilliant!

It’s crazy how people keep doing the same things in the hope of a different result, no wonder people are so unhappy, they feel trapped in a vicious cycle.

what if there's another way? a better way!..

What if I were to tell you; that we can help you rapidly transform your body in the healthiest way possible, would you be interested? Of course you would!

but don't think this is just an aesthetic change!

This is when your negative internal monologue gets replaced by a different story, your true narrative. This is when you regain control of your physical and emotional health by realising that how you feel is totally down to you

but remember; redefining you starts with a question:

are you ready to transform?

are you
ready to transform?

our success stories

We've Helped HUNDREDS Of WOMEN Transform Their Body. Get In Touch Today To Find Out How We Can Help You

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I went from a size 14 to an 8/10 in a matter of months, lost 2 stone and am in the shape of my life! Plus the chronic pain I was left in from a road traffic accident has completely gone!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"Working with the Shapeshifters team has been so rewarding. I'm really happy with how much better my body feels. The results really are worth the challenging Personal Training sessions."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

LAURA (27)

"The Shapeshifters team have totally transformed my attitude towards; food, exercise and alcohol! Which as a self-confessed P.E. dodger isn't something I ever thought I'd say."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

CELIA (19)

"I've just completed a Body Transformation Programme @ Shapeshifters and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. I used to hate gyms, but they've totally changed my attitude."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

ZIJIE (22)

"Thank you Shapeshifters Personal Trainers! I got a good result here which has helped me to have a better body. Really happy with the changes I made in only 4 weeks."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

BETH (22)

"The past few years have seen me go from a gymophobe to an avid gym-goer. So I decided to really challenge myself and do a photo-shoot. Shapeshifters managed my prep to perfection."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

ADELE (26)

"8 weeks at Shapeshifters is all it took to resolve 10 years of chronic IBS. And once my IBS was under-control I finally got the body I had been killing myself in the gym for years to achieve."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I've always been naturally petite and enjoyed exercise (mainly yoga) but I wanted to learn how to build my shape. I chose Shapeshifters to help, which turned out to be a great decision."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

ELIZA (21)

"Working with the Shapeshifters Personal Trainers is fab! It's great having people to push and motivate you. I've learnt so much in such a short period of time. Great results too!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"It's hard to believe that's me in the first picture! I'm really happy with the results I achieved in such a short time at Shapeshifters, my Personal Trainer was great too.''

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"As a happily married Head Teacher life was good (apart from my body!). Shapeshifters have helped me get fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier plus a better work/life balance too!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

SARAH (31)

"I reduced the body-fat around my mid-section by 75% in only 10 weeks working with the Shapeshifters female Personal Trainer Birmingham. My muscle tone improved significantly too!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

KAMEN (25)

"I joined Shapeshifters to re-establish the healthy lifestyle habits I had fallen out of. So glad I did! They helped me get back to being the curvy, athletic, confident girl I always had been."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I came to Shapeshifters in the search of a female Personal Trainer Birmingham to help me get back to the fitter version of me from 3 years ago. 12 weeks later and I'm feeling better than ever!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"With a friends wedding in the Caribbean on the horizon I wanted to tighten up my waist and tone up all over. 12 weeks later and I'm ready for the beach, Shapeshifters has been great."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I had 12 weeks to get ready for my wedding and had no concept of just how much my body would change during that time, until I had to replace my wedding dress...twice!"

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham

SARAH (27)

"I've always been mentally strong but really wanted 'the body' to go with it. Fast forward 36 weeks and I couldn't be happier! So proud of what I've achieved with my female Personal Trainer Birmingham."

Female Personal Trainer Birmingham


"The results I achieved whilst at Shapeshifters have been simply amazing! I've lost inches from everywhere and feel 10 years younger. Great Personal Trainers!"

*Results May Vary Based On Individual Circumstance | Time-frame For Results Are Not Guaranteed | Willpower Is A Must

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Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme

1-2-1 FAT LOSS

Our 1-2-1 fat loss programme, for busy people who need to 'shift the pounds' without spending their life in the gym or kitchen.

Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme


Our remote coaching programme for the 'motivationally self-sufficient' who just need the right plan and some accountability.

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