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meet adele davies

Hi I'm Adele and I've helped hundreds of women eliminate feelings of frustration, overwhelm and being 'stuck' so they can get back to feeling sexy and confident in their best body.

And I do this by helping them identify the areas of their lifestyle that are stopping them from achieving their goals and then provide practical solutions that make their goals a formality.

But unlike other female Personal Trainers in Birmingham that inundate your social media feeds; I don't work with anybody and everybody...

I work exclusively with highly driven women that appreciate the value of smart as well as hard work (and the amazing results that come with it!)

So if you're fed up of putting time, effort and energy in at the gym and not seeing any REAL results then as long as you're willing to do the work, I'm confident I can help.

Adele Davies

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Don't Worry i Get It...

Juggling the demands of a busy schedule has taken it's toll on your physical and emotional health to such an extent, that you don't even recognise what you see it the mirror anymore.

you've probably tried to ignore it...

but deep down you know that 'strategic clothing' can only hide so much and you really should do something about it, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation, even though it’s making you miserable. However; the fact that you've made it here is a sign that you're looking for a solution to your problem.

but; what is your problem?


Is it the feeling of dread when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror?


Is it the spare tyre around your waist and your general lack of muscle tone?


Is it your use of food and drink as self-medication due to the demands of daily life?