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Welcome to Shapeshifters, Birmingham's leading boutique body transformation facility. where men and women come to transform their body in less time than most Personal TrainerS will say is possible and IF YOU'RE READY TO MAKE SOME CHANGES, THEN OUR PERSONAL TRAINER BIRMINGHAM can help you too.


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Meet our Founder

Hi I'm Gary, founder of Shapeshifters and I help time-poor professionals totally transform their body in a time-frame that most Personal Trainers will deny is possible.

Now I know your social media feeds are full of Body Transformation Programmes promising life-changing results, but the truth is; very few (if any) can actually deliver on their bold marketing claims.

I say this because I've seen what other programmes have to offer and I know for a fact that Shapeshifters clients; eat more, train less and achieve better results in less time than with any other Personal Trainer in Birmingham.

I know this because we regularly pick up clients from other 'Personal Trainers' who are left out of pocket and feeling like they've wasted their time, effort and energy and still have nothing to show for it.

But this isn't about what other 'Personal Trainers' do wrong, it's about what we do right! And we get it right by helping busy men and women solve the lifestyle problems that are keeping them trapped in a feast-famine cycle of diet and exercise.

So if you're the type of person who appreciates a highly efficient, meticulous approach that goes way beyond 'eat less and move more', then keep reading! Because you've come to the right place.

Gary Camden

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Our 3 Step Formula For a redefined you

personal training

Most people think that transforming your body is directly correlated to how much time and effort you put in at the gym but this simply isn't true. Training is a stressor, and for many people the last thing they need is more stress in their life! So we'll teach you how to train efficiently in the most effective way.

targeted nutrition

You've probably already heard that 'we all respond differently to different dietary approaches', which is why we'll identify the best nutrition strategy for you. So you can expedite optimal results, without having to count calories, feel hungry or spend more than 30 minutes a day preparing food.

lifestyle recovery

The only way to get results from diet or exercise changes is to ensure you're making the right changes! Which is why we'll thoroughly (and regularly) assess your lifestyle, to identify (and provide effective solutions for) the key barriers impeding your results and ability to regain control.

our success stories

We've Helped Thousands Of People Transform Their Body. Get In Touch To Find Out How We Can Help You.

Personal Trainer Birmingham

SULLY (38)

"Quite simply without a shadow of a doubt the Personal Trainers at Shapeshifters will help you achieve the physique of your dreams in a time-frame you won't believe possible."

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"Thanks to the Personal Trainers at Shapeshifters, I've dramatically transformed my and body and my lifestyle in just a few months, they really know their stuff!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I'd always believed that an athletic physique was something I could only dream of. Thanks to the Personal Trainers at Shapeshifters that dream is now a reality."

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I went from a size 14 to an 8/10 in a matter of months, lost 2 stone and am in the shape of my life! Plus the chronic pain I was left in from a road traffic accident has completely gone!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"Working with the Shapeshifters team has been so rewarding. I'm really happy with how much better my body feels. The results really are worth the challenging Personal Training sessions."

Personal Trainer Birmingham

LAURA (27)

"The Shapeshifters team have totally transformed my attitude towards; food, exercise and alcohol! Which as a self-confessed P.E. dodger isn't something I ever thought I'd say."

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I've just completed a 16 week programme with Shapeshifters and have achieved way more than I ever thought possible. I look and feel better now than I did in my twenties!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham

HILMI (39)

"The Personal Training from Shapeshifters is second to none and as a result I achieved more than I ever  could have hoped for - especially after 20 years of letting myself go!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"After completing University and embarking on a career as a Personal Trainer I really wanted to challenge myself. I'm ecstatic with the outcome that I achieved."

Personal Trainer Birmingham

CELIA (19)

"I've just completed a Body Transformation Programme @ Shapeshifters and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. I used to hate gyms, but they've totally changed my attitude."

Personal Trainer Birmingham

ELIZA (21)

"Working with the Shapeshifters Personal Trainers is fab! It's great having people to push and motivate you. I've learnt so much in such a short period of time. Great results too!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham

BETH (22)

"The past few years have seen me go from a gymophobe to an avid gym-goer. So I decided to really challenge myself and do a photo-shoot. Shapeshifters managed my prep to perfection."

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"The Personal Trainers at Shapeshifters are fantastic people whom deliver an excellent service in a way that inspires you to want to be your best. I whole heartedly recommend them."

Personal Trainer Birmingham

PETE (38)

"I joined Shapeshifters to get help preparing for my wedding. With their help I hit my goal with plenty of time to spare and could not be happier with the photos from our wedding day."

Personal Trainer Birmingham

NODAS (20)

"I walked past Shapeshifters on my way home from Uni many times before I plucked up the courage to go in. I'm so glad I did; I've lost 6 stones in 4 months and totally changed my life."

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"As a happily married Head Teacher life was good (apart from my body!). Shapeshifters have helped me get fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier plus a better work/life balance too!"

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"It's hard to believe that's me in the first picture! I'm really happy with the results I achieved in such a short time, my Shapeshifters Personal Trainer Birmingham was great to.''

Personal Trainer Birmingham


"I had 12 weeks to get ready for my wedding and had no concept of just how much my body would change during that time, until I had to replace my wedding dress...twice!"

*Results May Vary Based On Individual Circumstance | Time-frame For Results Are Not Guaranteed | Willpower Is A Must

our programmes

Will teach you how to Eat More, Train Less and Achieve The Best Results In The Least Amount Of Time

Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme


Our flag ship 1-2-1 transformation programme, designed to get you into peak condition in the possible shortest time frame.

Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme

1-2-1 FAT LOSS

Our 1-2-1 fat loss programme, for busy people who need to 'shift the pounds' without spending their life in the gym or kitchen.

Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme


Our remote coaching programme for the 'motivationally self-sufficient' who just need the right plan and some accountability.

Personal Trainer Birmingham | Body Transformation Programme | Bootcamp


Birmingham's leading group fat loss programme for people who need a cost effective solution to help with their body battles.


selly oak, Birmingham is home to OUR award winning Boutique Health & Fitness facility, just a stone’s throw from the Train station. We're proud to have built one of the largest Body Transformation portfolio's in the UK and feel 100% confident in saying that our facility offers Birmingham’s premiere Personal Training service. The rate and standard to which our members achieve their goals is second to none, but please don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.


Shapeshifters have been in the 'Body Transformation' business since 2008 and although often imitated, we're never equalled.

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our highly skilled team is commited to facilitating life-changing results, in the shortest timeframe. Our reputation for consistently delivering first class results, stems from our meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to maximise the ROI for our time poor clientele, who need highly efficient lifestyle solutions to achieve their goals.

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10+ Years Experience

Personal Trainer Birmingham

Matthew O'Brien

Senior Trainer

7+ Years Experience

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